Philosophical Thinking for Children

Alison Allsopp
SAPERE Level 1 Registered Trainer in P4C Teacher and Coach

SAPERE Training in Philosophical Thinking for Children in Schools and other Educational Settings


Welcome to Philosophical Thinking for Children

"The aim of P4C is to help children become more thoughtful, more reflective, more considerate and more reasonable individuals" Matthew Lipman, 1980 p.15)

Alison specialises in providing high quality practical training in Philosophy for Children (P4C)

She is passionate about P4C and the benefits it brings to children’s life-long learning in today’s fast-changing and demanding society.

This website contains information about P4C and its benefits to childrens learning together with how Alison can provide and support training in schools and other educational communities.
She is a qualified and experienced teacher and a fully accredited SAPERE Level 1 Registered Trainer in P4C Teacher and Coach.

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